Trade Now as an Agent Partner!


  • Global financial company
  • Small Electronic Money & Payment Institution License (sEMI) with Passporting in 31 European Economic Areas (EEA) AGENT.
  • Unlimited EU bank accounts
  • EU cryptocurrency double license
  • USA Banque/Banc trust UIT supervised or exempt by the S.E.C.
  • USA MSB (Money Service Business) Federal Regulated by the US government authorised to do business in all 50 States and abroad.
  • Canada MSB (Money Service Business) Federal Regulated by the Canadian government authorised to do business in all Canadian States.


EuroSwiss Bancorp, in association with a leading fintech partner, is looking for innovative fintech solutions. The agent partner program aims to develop tomorrow’s financial institutions, banking businesses, and new financial technologies. Once approved for the program you are empowered to scale your business across the globe.

  • Our funding partner is committed to helping companies grow and can invest up to 60% of the value of the banking license.
  • Companies can purchase back equity at any time over a 5 year period.
  • Not only is this a financial commitment to companies, but our partner is offering expertise as a trusted partner throughout the duration of the program also.
  • The agent partner program ensures the mirroring of banking licenses is fully compliant with FCA regulations until your own banking license is available.


  • EU, Canada & US Companies: up to 5 countries selected by EuroSwiss Bancorp
    • EEA: ● Austria ● Belgium ● Bulgaria ● Croatia ● Cyprus ● Czech Republic ● Denmark ●Estonia ● Finland ● France ● Germany ● Gibraltar ● Greece ● Hungary ● Iceland ●Ireland ● Italy ● Latvia ● Liechtenstein ● Lithuania ● Luxembourg ●Malta ● Netherlands ● Norway ● Poland ● Portugal ● Romania ● Slovenia ● Spain ●Sweden ● Slovak Republic USA: ● USA Financial company  ● USA Offshore company & Canada.


  • sEMI agent (Electronic Money & Payment Institution) license and passporting in 31 European countries with payment service provider institution & debit card issuing.
  • Estonian Crypto Double License to:
    • hold cryptocurrencies;
    • exchange a virtual cryptocurrency against fiat currency; and
    • provide a virtual cryptocurrency wallet service.
  • USA District of Columbia Bank & Trust (UIT under 1940 act) which functions as a small bank with SEC exemption license.
  • USA MSB (Money Service Business) same as Paypal
  • Canada MSB (Money Service Business) same as Paypal


  • Spanish bank, 1 in multiple currencies with unlimited IBANs.
  • UK bank in multiple currencies with API or iFrame.
  • Each Financial company registered for you will have a corresponding bank account.
  • SWIFT number available also.


  • Online secured banking software (eWallet) branded for your company.
  • Prepaid Cards in multiple currencies branded for your company.
  • Gift cards.
  • Unlimited IBANs issued to your clients.
  • Open a ”bureau de change” office in any country available on the list.
  • Multiple currencies of your choice in a FOREX platform.
  • Process and issue SBLC/BGs.
  • PDQ/POS machines for companies and clients.
  • Paymaster Account.
  • More than 50 corresponding banks worldwide.


  • Share certificates.
  • Memorandum of articles.
  • Companies certificates.
  • Address for companies.
  • Possibility to provide directors.
  • AML Policy
  • Audit Policy
  • Employee Policy
  • KYC Policy
  • OFAC Policy
  • SAR Policy
  • Document Retention
  • Designation of Compliance Officer(s)
  • Currency Transaction Report Policy


All the above companies are new, clean and with no debts and no incumbrance.  All Documents and paperwork will be transmitted and handled via a Solicitor or Notary.  The purchase of the group of companies will be via a Notary or Solicitor as well.  All legal fees are covered by the buyer.


  • Group of Licensed Financial Institution lease.
  • Admin fee for structuring, compliance, management, accounting, and reporting.
  • FCA License audit by a reputable chartered accountant.
  • Advising management with regard to compliance and adherence to different jurisdictions (new and existing financial legal requirements).
  • KYC and AML compliance.
  • IT management and transaction compliance for eWallets.
  • SWIFT management and reporting.
  • Credit card management and reporting.
  • Unlimited consultations tailored to your needs.
  • Ongoing compliance and restructuring advice.


  • Asset management.
  • Unlimited worldwide deposit-taking.
  • Issue & trade traceable securities such as MTN’s Stocks Bonds, & other securities.
  • Corresponding banks.
  • Factor invoices and fund purchase orders and trade finance.
  • The power to lend and borrow money.
  • The power to issue SKR’s & Promissory Notes secured by verifiable assets.
  • The power to engage in MTN’s transactions.
  • The power to issue and trade LC’s with international banking institutions.
  • The power to open and maintain bank accounts, including trusts, escrow, commercial, and merchant accounts with any bank worldwide, including US-based institutions.

Pricing (excl. VAT)

  • Initial Investment: €25,000
  • Plus Broker Fee: 5%
  • Monthly Rent: €5,000
  • Minimum contract for a period of 5 years